Enric Granados (1867-1916)

In 2016 the whole world marks the anniversary of the death of Granados. Concerts, lectures, conferences and the publication of his biography in Spanish are just a few of the things that Granados lovers  are preparing. Learn about it!

One of the most important

Spanish composers of XIX

Century, Enric Granados is consider the poet of the piano.

To celebrate Granados anniversary the Barcelona Festival of Song will present a concert dedicated to his vocal works, a conference and several sessions of master class devoted to his music.

On December 2016, the National Library of Catalonia organized the Seminari Granados a three day Seminar devoted the study of Granados  life and work.

Within the presenters are Dr. Walter Clark and Dr. Patricia Caicedo.  

Granados was born in the Catalan city of Lleída in 1867.  His family moved to Barcelona in 1874, and he remained there for almost his entire life.  He studied piano with Joan Bautista Pujol and won his first contest in 1883. 

With the assistance of a wealthy businessman, he spent the years 1887-89 in Paris studying privately with Charles de Bériot. Upon his return to Barcelona, he made an immediate sensation as a piano virtuoso and a budding composer, presenting his 12 Danzas españolas in concert and in print to local and international audiences. 

Although Granados was not ethnically Catalan, he took a keen interest in the cultural life of Barcelona and the region of Catalunya.  Over the next 25 years, he made enormous contributions to the city's cultural life as a pianist, conductor, concert organizer, teacher, founder of a music academy, and of course, as a composer.  

Musical life in Barcelona

As both a performer and composer, Granados was described by friends and by the press as a “poet of the piano.”  This was the highest compliment they could pay him, because at that time, poetry was considered by many the most sublime of the arts. 

He had an especially lyrical, colorful way of expressing himself at the piano, whether he was interpreting the classics of Beethoven, Schumann, and Chopin, or performing his own works.  These included collections with such evocative titles as Escenas poéticas and Valses poéticos

Granados strove to create poetry using musical tones for words, much the way a poet strives to create music using words for rhythms.  And Granados possessed something you can’t learn, something that you either have or don’t have:  inspiration.  A ceaseless stream of creative inspiration flowed from him, at the keyboard or at his writing desk.

(In the picture Granados and his lover Clotilde Godó).  

The poet of the piano

Granados composed a far greater quantity and variety of music than most people realize.  Although he is justly renowned for his Goyescas suite for piano and Tonadillas for voice, he wrote a large amount of music that is not in a Spanish style.  For instance, some of his finest pieces are in piano collections such as the Escenas románticas, which exhibits the influence of Schumann and Chopin. 

He was also involved with the Catalan modernist movement, and he composed lovely songs with Catalan texts and several stage works with Catalan librettos by author and illustrator Apel.les Mestres.  Foremost among these is the three-act opera Follet

He also composed several orchestral works, including the tone poem Dante.  Of course, his many piano pieces and songs inspired by the art and times of Goya occupy a unique place in their respective repertoires.  Granados considered Goya to be “the representative genius of Spain.”

A big musical output

Centenary Celebration

Known as the poet of the piano Granados composed a great quantity and variety of music including works for piano, voice and piano, orchestra and teatrical works in Spanish and in Catalan. On March the 24th we commemorate the 100th anniversary. His music sounds all around the world.

On July the 4th, 2016 Editorial Boileau of Barcelona launched the Spanish edition of Granado's Biography written by Dr. Walter Clark and translated by Dr. Patricia Caicedo.  

The Barcelona Festival of Song

If you are organizing an event to celebrate Granados´s anniversary let us know!

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